Facebook App

We’re always trying to find easier and more efficient ways for members (and visitors) to communicate with one another, keep up with the latest club news, and learn about upcoming events as soon as they’re posted. Today we’ve stepped up our game by adding Facebook & mobile app integration to our forums.

If you’re an avid Faceboook user, you can access our forums directly through the TBC Forum App; without ever leaving Facebook or opening another browser tab. For those of you that are addicted to an Android or iOS mobile device/tablet, our forums are now fully supported by the most popular forum reader apps on the market today; Tapatalk.

Tapatalk allows users to organize, view and post on many of the most popular forums on the web through a single app. It will even allow users to configure push notifications for any of the forums or topics that they’re following. It’s really worth checking out. Just take a look at this hands-on preview of the Android version of the app and you’ll see for yourself:

Android device users can purchase Tapatalk via the Google Play Store here:

iOS device users can purchase Tapatalk via the iTunes Store here: