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Pac-Audio RadioPro5 (RPK5-GM4101) Hands-On

As soon as we saw photos of the Pac-Audio RadioPro5, we knew we had to get our hands on one (or three)! When they finally [...]

New Dash Kit for 5th Gen Camaros

If you're a 5th gen owner with a love for car audio and/or technology, you know, the struggle is real. For years, the Metra (99-3010S) [...]

Replacing a 5th Gen Camaro Key FOB

Have you ever wondered why dealerships charge $100+ to "program" a new key to your 5th gen Camaro?.... You will, once you see how it's done. [...]

All New 2017 ZL1 Camaro

GM has finally relieved details about the all new 6th generation ZL1 Camaro! Here's what we know so far... Engine: Estimated 640 hp [...]

2015 Pinellas Park Christmas Parade

Sometimes the Florida weather makes it difficult to remember that it's December and the holiday season is upon us. Well, there's nothing better that a [...]

6th Gen at Tampa Auto Show

Today was the 2015 Tampa International Auto Show and some folks took advantage of Chevy's VIP offer and were invited to check out all of the [...]

TBC BBQ – Oct. 17, 2015

Not every TBC event revolves around our cars. Sure, our love for our Camaros is the reason we sought out a club to join, however, the [...]

The 2016 Camaro

We're preparing to say good bye to the 5th generation and hello to the newly redesigned 6th generation Camaro. Whether you loved it, or hated it, our [...]