If you’re a 5th gen owner with a love for car audio and/or technology, you know, the struggle is real. For years, the Metra (99-3010S) & Scosche (GM5201AB) dash kits were the only real options to replace a 5th gen factory radio with something a bit more functional. Of course, you lose the “OEM” look, some visibility of the lower gauges (if you have ’em), the analog HV/AC control knobs, some HUD data, and a few other minor features, but you could add a large touch screen, Android Auto/Apple Car Play, Spotify, etc….. Sure, 2010-2012 owners could spend a small fortune to retrofit a MyLink touch screen system, from a 2013-2015 Camaro, but even the MyLink systems lack a lot of multimedia & smartphone integration features that you could get from a reasonably priced aftermarket head unit.

Well, out of nowhere, PAC Audio drops the RPK5-GM4101 on us and it might be the “Metra Killer” dash kit that 5th gen Camaro owners have been waiting for!! As of today, we don’t have much info other than what’s posted on their website……

Pac Audo RPK5-GM4101 description:

Simple yet effective, RPK5-GM4101 is designed to enhance functionality through aftermarket radio upgrades, without sacricing the factory-look aesthetics of 2010-2015 Camaros. Everything included, installers enjoy an unmatched ease of installation. Supporting both single DIN and double DIN installations, the original rotary climate control knobs are kept in place, helping retain the original factory look and feel. Along with climate controls, the electronic interface module also keeps other important functions from the original factory equipment such as steering wheel controls, OnStar functionality, and amplified sound systems.

Everything you need, including Steering Wheel Controls:

  • Retains factory climate control functions
  • Accommodates Single or double DIN radios

Fully integrated kit includes:

  • Factory-matched radio dash kit
  • Electronic Interface Module (retains climate controls, steering wheel controls, OnStar, factory amplifier)
  • Auxiliary audio and USB retention harness
  • Antenna connector adapter
  • Exterior temperature display


MSRP: $399.99


UPDATE: September 17th, 2016:

Stay tuned…. a couple of TBC members have decided to order the kit, so we should have a complete review, pics, and installation guide posted soon!!