Ever since the first 5th generation Camaro rolled off the dealership lot, car audio enthusiasts have been searching for the perfect solution to upgrade the factory head unit to something with more functionality. For years there have only been two real solutions; one from Scosche (GM5201AB) and the other from Metra (99-3010S). Either kit will allow the owner to retain climate control, door lock/unlock, heated seat, & hazard light functionality, but some would argue that both kits lack the “retro” / “factory” look that many of us fell in love with.

It appears that a company called HiCES Technology Ltd. has thrown its hat into the ring with the ANCH809/8300AG. As of today, we have no information regarding pricing or where to purchase the head unit. However, the product rendering and feature list that they have listed on the website (plus the video we’ve found) has many of us drooling in anticipation. We’ll keep you updated as we do some more research. Updates are listed below.


Compatibility: 2011 – 2013 Chevrolet Camaro (untested on 2010 CANbus)

Feature List:

  • Built-in Maps & Navigation
  • Wireless Internet Via WIFI or External 3G Internet Modem
  • Processor: Samsung Arm Cortex™-A 8 1Ghz CPU
  • Memory: 512 MB DDR2 SDRAM
  • HDMI Output
  • Internal Storage 4G Byte Iand SLC Flash
  • 3D Hardware Decoding With 1080P HD Video
  • Wireless Mouse And Keyboard For Games Access
  • Pre-Installed Apps:
    • Google
    • MSN
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • eBay
    • Gmail
    • Skype
    • …and more
  • Downloadable games
  • Record Live video From Front or Rear Camera
  • Air Conditional Control Will Display on Screen
  • Car Door Open And Close Will Display On Screen
  • Customizable Menu styles.
  • Live Wallpaper & Themes.
  • USB Ports for Connection of External Devices:
    • Flash Drives
    • Harddisk
    • USB WiFi Adapters
    • 4G/3G Modems (option)
    • iPhone/iPod/iPad
  • USB Access & control of iOS Devices. (Song And Video info Displayed On Screen)
  • Live Goolge Maps
  • Live Weather Display World Wide
  • Live Tracker to Check Where Is Your Car From Anywhere
  • Live Internet TV And Radio World Wide Accessible
  • Create WiFi Hotspot Inside Vehicle
  • Capacitive Touch Screen With Zoom In Out Functions (Option)

(source: hicesan.com)

Special thanks to TBC member, Luis (Zapote21), for tipping us off.

UPDATE 1: More Videos Found

UPDATE 2: Price range: $750 – $877 (shipped)

UPDATE 3: Alternate Supplier HiTS Electronic Company LTD.

UPDATE 4: A fellow TBC member purchased this and she’s in contact with the people in China regularly, trying to resolve some of the many issues with this unit. If all of the software & hardware problems get resolved, we’ll write a follow-up article with more information… until then: “Buyer Beware!

FINAL UPDATE: (Oct. 2014) A this head unit has been nothing but a headache. Constant lockups that can only be fixed by resetting the entire device using a small screwdriver or paperclip, random issues regarding heat & A/C controls not functioning, and constantly draining the vehicle battery. Numerous attempts to resolve the issues were made by contacting the company in China, but there was never any solution that resolved the issue. (The company in China even suggested that the CAN BUS be opened bu the customer and  that they de-solder a component on the PCB; unacceptable) The head unit was even taken to different professional audio shops, removed then re-installed to the proper manufacturer specifications… Nothing resolved the issues with this unit. In the end, it was uninstalled and the factory radio is now being used until the metra kit and Pioneer App Radio arrives. — “Buy at your own risk!

Click HERE for a much after market head unit better solution!

[If you’re willing to deal with all of the problems with this unit] You can order directly from HiTS Electronic Company LTD in China :

Contact – Francis Lim
Email: hits@vip.163.com or hitscardvd@vip.163.com
web: http://www.hits-cn.com/contact/en/contact.asp

/ 8300AGHSC CA1024*600
+Chevrolet Camaro 11-13 w/ Android System
+Phone Book
+DVR Recroding Functions
+Capacitive Touch Screen
+1024*600 Resolution
+ 8GB Memeory
HT046 R Rear Screw In Camera w/Light $16
HT046 F Front Screw In Camera w/Light $16
DVR001 DVR Camera Recording via USB
(Up to 80 Hour after Car Key Removal)
Microphone (Skype Chat + Video)
3G MODERM 3G Modem with FREQ 2100 to Have Internet Access Functions $45
OBD2 AND BT CONNECT OBD2 and Bluetooth Module to Connect to OBD2 From DVD $45
  FREIGHT $200
  TOTAL $877.00